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Stacy Christine has partnered with Millionaire Mentoring to help entrepreneurs succeed online and offline. The Millionaire Mentoring is a long term program.
The DREAM Chaser Mentorship program is Stacy's personal mentor program that helps individuals become empowered to live out their DREAMS. Stacy will teach her techniques better yourself personally and professionally. This is a short term mentor program.
Passion Faith & Integrity Makeovers is a Foundation founded by Stacy Christine in 2013. The foundation helps deserving women receive head to toe makeovers. PIF derived from the sayings Pay It Forward and "When you look good you feel good."
Stacy C
Stacy Christine has been in the beauty industry since 2010. Stacy has a passion for helping others feel and look beautiful. Stacy Christine Beauty is a mobile salon that offers Makeup, makeup lessons, Microblading, and Microblading trainings.
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